Thursday, December 8, 2011

A restful nights sleep

Each night I climb into my super comfy bed with super soft flannel sheets and rest my head on my super comfy lumpy pillow and wait for peaceful slumber to happen. I'm the kind of girl where once my head hits the pillow I'm out. I'm lucky that way I guess. Most nights I get an hour or so of sleep - to the point where I'm involved in a really good dream when my first interruption occurs. My kidlet always pops her head in my room to let me know she made it home safe and sound but that's OK. I don't want to be dreaming all night about her meeting some horrible fate.

As I'm drifting off to sleep again, I usually have to play tug of war for blankets and I have to wrestle some space away from my cats. They're bed hogs. I've already mentioned Schwayze, the cat that likes to sleep on my head but there's also Pork Chop. Porkie can pick out a spot and nothing short of dynamite can move her. It doesn't matter if she's in the kick zone (the spot by my feet), or the booty thrust zone, she's welded to one spot.

A little later Mr. Wonderful finally decides it's bed time so he arrives and plops on the bed which feels like it's going to toss me out and across the room. Then once he's asleep his snoring starts. When he really gets to snoring, he can be heard outside! If someone were to stand outside our room - outside of the entire house, they will be able to hear him buzzing away. He broke his nose when he was a kid and never got it fixed so supposedly that makes it even worse. Add in the fact that he's got a incredibly deep boomy voice and well, you get my drift. The other nocturnal pleasure I get to enjoywith him  is when we're facing one another. If he's not snoring he's breathing through his mouth, sending plumes of sleep breath into my face.

Once nice habit we both share is sleeping with a fan going. I'm not talking about a ceiling fan lazily turning, I'm talking about an 18" oscillating fan turned on to high. And we don't have just one. We each have a fan on our sides of the bed. And we position them really close to our heads so that there's a wind vortex that could scalp Sasquatch. The sound of two fans blasting away helps drown out any sounds in the house that could wake us up. Besides, we have teenagers and cats for that.

I usually wake up on my own around 3 am for some reason. I get up and have a glass of water and maybe a smoke. I usually go outside in the back yard and look at stars or feed the fish or water plants. I don't stay up too long - 30 minutes or less but it's still an interruption. Around 5:30 my eyes open and I'm up and running. I'm one of those nuts who bounds out of bed, ready to get going. I'd like to be able to sleep later but if I did, I would have wasted 1/2 the day so I guess it's ok.

Well, that's my sleep story and I'm sticking to it. I wish all of you peaceful slumber. If you're in my neighborhood around 3 am, stop in and hang out with me in the back yard. I'll be up.

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