Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Blues, Bars, Fistfights

So kidlet #2 and I went out last night to listen to our favorite blues band - VooDoo Blue at a restaurant/bar. We've been to this place lots of times because it's family friendly AND because they'll let my little bluesy songbird stay there after 8 pm. It's a challenge having an 12 year old who loves blues music and wants to see it live when most of the time, the good live music happens in bars. She's not one of those annoying rug rats who runs around the establishment acting like a...little kid. She's 12 going on 35. She's so chill - she sits still and just absorbs the music. It doesn't hurt that she loves the guys in the band either.
Anyhoo, we were minding our bidness, jammin' to the music when we noticed a large scuffle going on behind us. I saw two guys down on the floor duking it out and two really large guys trying to pull them apart. My first instinct was to go and stand right by my kiddo. If there was going to be any (god forbid) bloodshed happening, I didn't want her to be affected. One of our friends where we were sitting (a big guy) immediately took off toward the fracas and  put   himself between the idiots fighting and  us girls. So in essence, we were both protecting kidlet. She sort of had a shocked, confused look on her face. Maybe that's because 12 year olds don't usually hang out at bars at night where idiots might freakishly get into fights!!!  I was shocked, too! How stupid! These were supposedly grown men and they were behaving like immature animals! Luckily the fight didn't last long and the guys were tossed out on their keesters. The whole time this was going down, the band kept right on playing. Didn't miss a lick.
Kidlet was confused as to why the guys kept playing and didn't stop. I told her that they probably kept on in the hopes of keeping the audience distracted while the bouncers took care of things. That, and because they are professionals. I don't think she really got it. That's ok. I'm sorry she had to even be around something as stupid as a fight.

I'll keep taking her to hear music because she absolutely loves it. I hope she won't have to witness any more fights - me either for that matter. At least I know that my friends will help me protect her from the mean old world and I know that she'll know what and how to avoid yay-hoos who can't mind their manners. Shame on those men! What a horrible thing to do in a civilized society. Thank gosh the band kept right on rocking. We'll see ya at the next show! 

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