Friday, December 9, 2011

I've only got 4 followers

Awww, look at me. I've got the super cool 70s shag hair & hipster colored clothes going on but I don't know what's up with that smile. That's a cross between a smile and a "yeah, right, and monkeys fly out of my butt" sort of face. I think I was about 10 or 11 in this picture. Around that age I had an autograph book. Does anyone remember those? They were small books of blank pages and you had friends and family and the postman and whoever sign it.
The big trend in my glory days was to write your note in a circle. That way the person reading it would have to spin their book around and around. I was a master at spiral writing. You could almost tell how popular a person was by the numbers of autographs they had collected. My book was fairly full thankyouverymuch.

One of my friends has a nice blog and she's got all kinds of cool buttons and categories and such. I'm doing pretty dang good just to figure our how to list some of the blogs I follow. Techno-geek I am not. I noticed my friend has a spot where I think there's the capability of picking up her "button" to place it on my blog. That way it'll look all pretty and people will want to check her site out after looking at mine (all 4 of you) but I can't get that to work for me. I'm obviously doing something wrong.

All I can say is if there are any of you out there who read my tripe but aren't listed in my followers, please add your name. I feel like a total loser for only having 4 people admitting to reading my stuff. I know blogging isn't for the sole purpose of gaining followers. I just want to know if I have more than 4 people that read me. And if you sign up now, we'll double your offer - just pay postage and handling. Sign up now - the sale ends tomorrow.

My blog is another story. It pains me to look at my followers bar and see that 4 whole people admit to reading my stories. I follow quite a few blogs and some of those people have 400+ followers! Now, I know that I'm not the most talented writer in the world, but I think some of my tales are amusing. They're all true and if you look at the stupidity in most of them you're bound to have a chuckle or two.


  1. I never was any good at spiral writing, but I'm not at all surprised you were!

  2. :D I'm reading I'm reading!! I don't have a button either so don't feel bad. It took me a loooong time and a lot of "googling" to figure out how to even change my layout and the font colors!! go to and they have GREAT tutorials!!

    The way I finally built up my followers was to start doing "blog hops" A LOT!! Google whatever your main interest is....ex: cooking, dogs, christian, moms, mountain lions whatever and add blog hop and there probably is one for that category...ok...idk about the mountain lion one but I thought I would throw it in there!! I also have forced quite a few of my Facebook friends to follow me LOL.... If you ever need any help with your blog just leave me a comment or message me and I will be happy to help you!!

    Have a fantastic Monday!!