Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Lists

OK, so I'm sort of copying everyone else who writes a blog and I'm going to write about Christmas shopping among other things. I've noticed that the trend for a lot of people is to scurry around crazily, trying to figure out what to get everyone. I used to be one of many people who shopped all year long so I didn't have the crush in the 2 weeks preceding Christmas. I used to love shopping, too. Neither of those apply any more. I used to decorate my house to the nines but now all I have up is a tiny tree and some garland junk hanging around my front door.

I'm not sure why I haven't done more. It's not like me. I'm usually the type that overdoes everything. It's either black or white with me, no gray areas. So as usual I went from one extreme to the other. Part of the reason I haven't shopped more is because I have this overwhelming impulse to put every spare dollar I have into savings. After going through a divorce and spending a year  horribly broke, maybe I'm scarred. Maybe I'm psycho. Oh wait, I am psycho...can't blame it on that.

I'm going to share some decorations with you and maybe it'll inspire me to do more. Maybe it'll inspire you, too.

Are you feeling the spirit yet? All I see when I look at these pictures is the amount of work it's going to take to put all that stuff away. Although, if I managed to hang a VW from a tree, I might be inclined to leave it up all year long. As for shopping well, I guess I'll get off my lazy keester and get 'er done. Wish me luck because if I don't do well, you might get a pair of tube socks for Christmas!

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