Thursday, December 1, 2011

I try...I really do

There are lots of bloggers out there that I really admire. Many of them post beautiful pictures they've taken and some of them even tell how they did it. I recently borrowed a very nice camera and took some pictures that I hoped would be frame worthy. I tweaked them in Photoshop and tried to make them look better but I just don't have enough mad skillz. See?
These are bee holes I found in a cedar tree Manchild trimmed. Apparently, bumble bees drill through the wood and make homes inside of the branches. If you listen closely to the branches (of a tree that hasn't been cut of course) you can hear them buzzing.

This is my attempt to emulate the wonderful artist, Andrew Goldsworthy. If you've never heard of him, check him out. His stuff will blow your socks off. He finds things in nature and arranges them into an artful composition. I found each color of the spectrum in these leaves then lined them up. It was difficult because the wind was blowing and the leaves kept scattering. I still think it's cool.

This is an old dilapidated swing in the front yard of our cabin in the woods. It's been there for many years. I'd love to fix it up so I can sit out there and watch the critters scurry about. 
 Ahh, sweet Schwayze. He's such a photogenic little guy. I think he likes having his picture taken. I wish I could capture and express how incredibly soft his fur is. I call him rabbit boy because his fur is the softest I've ever encountered on a cat. Schwayze is the punk that sleeps on top of my head, licks my hair and gives me cricks in the neck.

This is a cool twisty grapevine I saw while walking down a dirt road one day. The texture is so fantastic.

As you can see, my photos don't jump off of the screen and wow you. Maybe some day I'll learn how to tweak them a little better but for now I'll be happy just snapping away with abandon. Keep reading...some day I'll be awesome.

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