Monday, April 15, 2013

Yes, I DID give him a corndog

My family is known for giving stupid gifts. The kind of gifts that make you scratch your head and think to yourself 'what the hell were they thinking???' It's always fun to see what's in the pretty wrapping paper because you just never know.

In the past, I've been given oatmeal packets, picture frame ornaments with horribly bad pictures of the giver in them, ink pens with someone elses name on them, whoopee cushions, horribly cheesy B movies and regifted items.

A few days ago my nephew celebrated his birthday and I was scrambling to find something to give him. In the spirit of stupid gifting I decided to wrap up two corn dogs and give them to him. I'm hoping that he thought it was the strangest, stupidest gift he had ever been given. But hey, it's the gift that keeps on giving. He can use them for a snack in case he gets hungry! Just think, I saved him from a day of hunger. I'm a regular Mother Theresa. I might just make the corn dog my signature gift from now on. I might even invest in some mustard packets to round the whole thing out.

Be sure to let me know when your birthdays are dear readers. You just might get a foil wrapped package of lovin' goodness. Compliments of Mother Theresa Elizabeth.

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