Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Yep, men have them too

I had an in-your-face reminder today that men do indeed have monthly cycles. PMS crazies. You name it, they have them. I can say this with authority because I've been married for lots and lots of years so I've seen how down right annoying a man can get when his hormones are acting up.

Men might not cry or stomp their feet but they can get moody, depressed, angry or be a plain ol' asshole for a few days. And it's hard to snap them out of it. Ladies, what works for you when you're having a spell will NOT do anything for your man. They don't want to be coddled or loved on. They want food and to be left alone. The best thing to do is let them be with their guy friends or leave them alone in their man caves. Do not pass the threshold of the room that they are in. Wait for them to emerge. Think of it like a bear slumbering in their den...you don't want a face full of claws do you? Leave them alone.

Now, I know it's hard as a woman to leave a guy alone when he's sulking. We want to "help" him out of his funk but it just won't work. You'll end up getting snapped at, then you'll get all in a snit because your feelings got hurt and he won't care or try to make you feel better because he didn't want you bothering him in the first place!!! It's a vicious cycle.

I did come up with a non-verbal means of communication when a guy has gone on too long with his bitchy behaviour. I simply place a picture of this on his desk and walk away. I don't say a single word. It gets the message across on it's own. Feel free to borrow it and use it on your man. He might not snap out of his funk immediately, but you'll feel better for showing it to him.

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