Thursday, April 4, 2013

The big time is just around the corner

In what has become the norm for Manchild and I, we took Kidlet out to hear some blues last weekend. We went to hear a friend that we've been following for a while. He's an amazing guitar player and I like for Kidlet to hear him because his story is inspirational. You see, he's only been playing for 6-7 years but he's phenomenal. I mean, he's got skills like someone whose been playing for 20 years. I keep hoping that Kidlet will be super inspired to practice like a fiend so that she too can become a good player. And I will be the proudest stage mom there ever was. (I'd probably even ask to get onstage with her so I can sing backup and relive my glory days.)

This particular musician has seen us listening to him multiple times and he knows Kidlet's guitar teacher so he knows that my girl wants to be a future blues shredder. This time when we were hearing him he offered the most amazing thing - he planned on asking her to join them onstage and play a song with them!

Oh...mah...GAWD!!!!! REALLY?!?!?!?!?!?!? How freakin' cool is that????? A 13 year old girl being asked by a group of "grown up" band dudes to join them!!!! I already loved the guys but I loved them even more at that point. BUT   there was one small problem...Kidlet doesn't know a song yet. She's been practicing and has learned a chord or two but not enough to play an entire song.

Besides that, she's pretty shy. I think she would have just melted into her shoes if he had actually announced out loud that he wanted her to play with them. Thankfully he had asked Manchild first and was told that she wasn't ready yet so she didn't have to be embarrassed in front of everyone. Now that she's had an offer, she's going to have to up her game and stop talking smack about how much she'd like to get up on the stage. Because that's an option now. If she ever learns more than a chord or three. Go rocker girl, GO!!!

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  1. In good time and with a year or two tucked away I bet she will love doing it!!!! 13 not a good age to do that...