Friday, April 19, 2013

Luckily, my boss is a pretty laid back guy. And luckily, I work in the art department so everyone in here is pretty easygoing. Creative minds need outlets other than just the normal work stuff so it's OK if we goof off every now and again. I have two computers at my workstation because I work so hard, I have to have a backup in case I overheat one of them. Work is all I know! I work 10 hours in an 8 hour day! Where there's work - you'll find me! Is that enough bullshit for ya?'s my "busted" story for the day.

I use a Mac for all of the graphic work that I do. If you're familiar with Macs you'll know that there's an awesome program on it called Photobooth. I luuuuurrrrve Photobooth! I take a picture of myself every day just because I can. I try to be creative in my poses so that when I go back and look at the pictures I won't get bored. While I was looking through my photos today I became aware of my eyelids. They felt sort of...greasy. My skin is going through some kind of change now that I'm pushing 50 and instead of having normal to dry skin, I've turned into an oil bucket. Thus the oily eyelids.

I am totally in love with blotting papers, too. They're my saving grace. Rather than piling on 750 pounds of powder to take away the shine, I use my trusty blotting papers to suck up the oil slick and I look fresh as a daisy. Plus, I can look at the paper after I've blotted and see just how many gallons of facial oil I produce each day. I wish that stuff could be collected and sold as an automotive lubricant or something. I could claim that my face is eco-friendly and that it provides a valuable resource rather than relying on fossil fuels! Sorry, I got off the subject again.

As I was looking at pictures and using my blotting paper, I decided to try using the paper on my oily eyelids. I did and I noticed that the paper sort of stuck to them so I decided to take a picture of the papers that were stuck to my eyelids. Do I look like Groucho Marx?

Guess who walked by about the time I took that picture? Yep, my boss. He simply laughed at me and continued on his way. I wonder what he thought. Probably nothing because he's seen me do some pretty stupid stuff. Like, taking pictures of my lobster socks.

Or taking pictures of myself in the negative. I laugh at those negative pictures a lot. Look at my eyes! I look demented! And my nostrils are pretty funny, too.

He's also seen me taking crazy pictures when family has come by for a visit. Did I mention that I LOVE Photobooth? You can do the funniest pictures with the special effects the program offers.

Like I said, I'm very lucky that my boss is so easy going. And I'm lucky that my computer has Photobooth. And I'm lucky that I have thousands of blotting papers at my disposal. And that they work on my eyelids as well as my face. Simply put, I am a very, very lucky girl!

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