Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Honey's in danger!

My honey man is in law enforcement. I never EVER thought I'd wind up with one of "those" but he is and I am. I'm nervous every day that he's on the job. Lately, things have been even scarier because there's been some bad, bad things going on the the area where he works. Like MURDER bad! So far he hasn't been directly involved in the investigation but the department did assign him the task of foot patrol right where someone was murdered! He was a walking target and boy, was I pissed. At least give the guy a car to sit in. That would offer a little bit of protection! Everyone in the department and departments related to law enforcement are on edge. Understandably so.

Even though those guys carry big guns and wear bulletproof vests, they can't be safe 24/7.  Each time they approach a vehicle or house, there could be a bad guy waiting to take a shot at them. Being on guard and keeping a sharp eye open takes its toll on a person. But they never get the recognition they deserve and that makes me mad. My hubby puts his life on the line every day to protect and serve but his is a somewhat thankless job.

A few posts back I wrote about the herd of sexy firemen that roared into my neighborhood. If Manchild knew how much I was ranting and raving about those dudes he'd probably throw up. He hates firemen! Not really, but he dislikes how they get all of the attention and glory and cops get such bad raps. If people behaved and did what they were supposed to do, cops wouldn't have a reason to get them into trouble! And yet, they get the blame for being jerks.

I have great respect for the police now that I have an up close and personal picture of the dangers their job entails. Imagine walking up to a car, not knowing what kind of person you're going to encounter? Do they have a gun? Are they running from the law? Are they crazy on drugs? Or imagine having to go up to a house and knock on the door to find someone, not knowing if that someone is inside aiming a loaded weapon at you. Sometimes, the news being delivered isn't what the person wants to hear and they want someone to take their frustrations out on. Who are they going to go after? The person delivering the news! It's always an unknown for the law enforcement people out there.

Believe me, those guys and ladies have compassion contrary to popular belief. My guy carries a trunk full of stuffed animals to give to kids when he encounters families in crisis. He's rescued animals, fed people, given people rides and much more and none of those things were in his job description. He'd much rather give a warning than have to arrest someone. Now, if the person is being a belligerent asshole then sure - throw their butt in jail. But for the most part, cops just want people to walk the straight and narrow.

I'm sure that my honey is going to have to work some long, dangerous hours to protect and serve the community in the upcoming weeks and months. The murders that have been happening have rocked the community so not only does he have to avoid getting killed by some crazy murderer, he's got to calm down lots of trigger happy, nervous citizens. And that's on top of the regular stuff he's supposed to do. So if you see a cop, rather than tossing attitude or hate their way, think a moment about how much they do and have to deal with. Don't act sketchy or make sudden movements. And for Pete's sake, a smile or a 'thank you' goes a long way for these people. Every time someone thanks my man for doing what he does, he comes home and tells me about it. Unfortunately, I don't hear those kind of stories very often. I sure would like to see that change.

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