Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What a world...

I just got finished reading my neighborhood crime watch article and boy, am I pissed! Burglaries are happening at an alarming rate. My neighbor had someone attempt to break into their car - during the day - and luckily they had a video camera setup so they noticed it was happening. The owner of the car ran outside after the would be thief and caught up to him. The thief swore up and down that he wasn't the person she saw on the video even though she had him clearly in the film. My neighbor called the police who showed up pretty quickly but the thief got away.

My home was burglarized and the a-holes took everything of value that I had. It wasn't a lot but it was all I had and they took it. I'm still mad about it. I took the usual precautions and installed a lock on my gate and installed video surveillance cameras and so far, I haven't been "hit" again but I'm always on the lookout. Having my neighbor almost get robbed got me all in a dither all over again.

What the heck people?!?!? It doesn't seem as if anything is sacred anymore. Thugs just want a quick buck and don't even think about what they're doing to the people they steal from. I'm usually a lover not a hater but my mind is slowly starting to change. If it were allowed, I think I'd carry a gun and if anyone was even looking like they were up to no good, I'd want to fire a warning shot really close to their head. I think the countries where cutting off a thief's hand is allowed are on to something. If public hand removal from thieves was commonplace, maybe our criminals would think twice about stealing. Scumbags.

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