Thursday, August 23, 2012

Talking to teens

I am a young spirited 49 year old woman. In my mind, I'm still very young and hip and my teenage daughters' friends want to talk to me and hang out with me. They secretly want to share all of their thoughts with me. I'm one of "them!" OK, that's not reality I know. Most times I have to remind myself of that fact when there's a house full of teens I'm not invited to their party.

I don't want to accept the fact that when they look at me they see a Mom or an adult (yeah, right! got those suckers fooled).

I also think that I'm hip and cool. The teens just don't know that.

I'm down. Fo-shizzle! Well, I'm down to the fact that I can't use all of "their" terms and sound cool. I heard another adult using teen terminology and they just sounded silly so I guess I'll have to drop the street slang. Except for the word "fo-shizzle" because that just sounds cool. Maybe I'm cool just because of the fact that I let them do their thing for the most part, and I don't ask too many questions and leave them alone. Because it seems like there's always kids hanging around my house. So it MUST mean I'm cool. Because they want to be around ME. FO-SHIZZLE!!!

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  1. i had one of those odd, life changing thoughts not long ago when i realized that i was relating to the parents on the disney channel shows rather than the cool teenage kids. then i looked at my grandma and realized that she used to fun and young and hip. and then i realized i'm headed toward being her rather than being the cool teenagers. then i was sad.