Thursday, August 30, 2012

Freakin' worms!

I found the grossest worm on my flower bush the other day. This thing was HUGE! And gross!

It was very fat and had some kind of stinger-thingy on it's hiney. I was so grossed out by it, I had to use pruning shears to knock it off of the plant because I didn't want to take any chance on touching it. Once it was on the ground I watched it for a minute to make sure it was dead. You see, when I used the pruning shears to grab it, they sort of cut the worm and when I forcefully flung (with about 72,000,000 psi of force) it on the ground it looked dead because it had green goo seeping from it's body.A few minutes later I passed the worm again and it was moving! I can get so grossed out by worms, my gag reflex takes over and I start heaving when I look at one. And since the killer worm wasn't dead, I was heaving and hollering for Manchild to please go ahead and kill it all the way. I was repulsed and yet I didn't want to let it lie there and suffer. I don't know if worms suffer but I didn't want to take a chance on going to hell for worm cruelty.

My man finally put the poor/awful worm out of it's misery then took great delight in acting like he had picked it up to put on my kidlet. You could hear that kid screaming a block away I bet. She's so goofy. She acts terrified of whatever Manchild is doing but she always goes back for more. But I digress... I've looked at the flower bush that had the worm, and haven't seen any more. Maybe they're afraid to get on it since I murdered one of their cousins. That's me...a worm murderer! Call the cops! I'm a worm murderer!

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