Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Snore, Turn, Baste, Snore, Turn, Baste

I call myself a rotisserie sleeper because I can't stay in one position for very long. I roll continually throughout the night, just like a big ol' chicken in a roaster. Having hot flashes every 15 minutes only adds to the cooking theme because for a while I'm dry and then the hot flash hits and I'm sweating like crazy. If I slept on a rack I'd leave drippings underneath! (ooh, that sounded gross. sorry about that)

Aren't I nice to mosaic out my tender tidbits? You're welcome!

Again with the editing out of tender tidbits. I don't want to scar you for life.
Did I hear you thinking "what are those squiggly things? Snakes???" No, they're not snakes. I have two "feelies" that I sleep with. I have to rub the satin as I'm going to sleep or else I can't. Sleep. I rub them throughout the night also. I'll have you know that I've never strangled myself with them. Manchild might have tried to use them on me but he didn't kill me.

Anyhoo, I constantly flip from side to side, front to back, covered and uncovered. No wonder I'm tired all of the time! The only constant thing about my night time rituals is you can bet I'll have my feelies nearby, there will be one, two or three cats sleeping with us and that my covers flap on and off of me like crazy. Wanna come spend the night with me? It'll be an adventure (for you that is)! You never know what you'll get. Night night, sweet dreams, good night, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite!

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