Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Yucky Chowms

I was reading a post on one of my fave blogs (Happy or Hungry) and it was about the author's love of Lucky Charms.  That got me to thinking about how we say 'Lucky Charms' at my house. And then I thought about all of the words my girls mispronounced when they were young.

It all started when one of my kidlets was pretty young. She liked Lucky Charms  (who doesn't) but couldn't say it properly. She pronounced it "Yucky Chowms" which I thought was just the cutest thing ever. We tried to teach her the correct way to pronounce it but her version was the one that won. And now, we all call them Yucky Chowms.

Another favorite mispronunciation of mine is the word "Friday."  Kidlet #1 used to pronounce it 'Fri-der-day.' Each week, she'd ask me what day it was and when Thursday rolled around, she'd gleefully let us know that the next day would be Friderday. To this day, I still call Fridays - Friderday.

There are other words that way say improperly/on purpose at my house and here is a sampling of some of our favorites:

concreke (concrete)
hamburgler (hamburger)
pooter (computer)
psycus (psychosis)
flied lice (fried rice)
chickie fry (chicken fried steak)
Collard Creep (Collin Creek (a mall))
wash mouth (mouthwash)
Wally burger (Whataburger)

There are others but of course, when I'm trying to remember them all to write them down I'm drawing a blank.

Anyway, I don't know if any of you say words the wrong way because it's funny or not but I'd love to hear some if you have any.

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