Thursday, January 24, 2013

The "rustic" deer blind

Recently, Manchild got himself a fancy schmancy new deer blind. Before I got together with him, I would have had to ask what a deer blind is. Is it some poor deer who got it's eyes shot out by a bad hunter? Is it a school for blind deer? Is it an evil plot to blind the eyes of all the poor deer running around the countryside?  Poor things...they'd be running into trees and falling down into creeks and stuff.

But no, a deer blind I found out is a little house that hunters use to hide in when they're hunting. That way, they can blast any poor unsuspecting animal that walks in front of them.

The blind Manchild used to use was a teeny little box with a chair inside of it. It was a tight fit and it was impossible to straighten out your legs. I went with him a few times but figured it would be best for everyone involved (animals included) if I didn't go. But now there's a nice big, comfy blind that has a sleeping loft and a TV and a futon and I can spread eagle on the floor if I want to!!! I am SO down for hunting, yo!

Kidlet was with me when we saw it for the first time and the first thing we wanted to do was to use it to camp out. Then we devised big plans to plant some shrubs, make a fire pit and doll up the inside. Manchild was nice about the whole thing. I'm sure he was thinking to himself that we were silly city slickers and there was absolutely NO need to bedazzle the place. But then again, we'd provide him with entertainment while he was waiting for the critters to start parading past. And we'd make food. And serve him drinks. So that might not be such a bad thing having us there. And even though the shed would be in the middle of nowhere, it might still look nice with tasteful curtains and flowering shrubbery. The fire pit? Maybe not but a girl can hope.

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