Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lucille Strikes Again

I gave my faithful pooch, Lucille a brand spankin' new toy yesterday because she was being such a good doggie. She's so sweet and smart and I'm very proud of her. We played with her toy for a long time, until she was worn out so I went inside the house to tend to things. A little while later I went back outside to say hello to her and this is what I saw:

It looked like it had snowed in my back yard! Then I saw the culprit. Don't run away from me, hound!

 Oh, Lucille, you are so busted! You totally shredded your new toy! And of course, she looked at me like "WHAT???" And trotted away.

She was obviously guilty. I mean, look at that demon toy killer eye glowing in the dark.

Awww, come on Mom. I didn't mean to tear my brand spankin' new toy up. Honest. Do you still love me? Even if I do have demon toy killer eyes? Yes, I still love Lucille.

1 comment:

  1. she's very cute, even if she is the destructor.