Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Did ya hear that?

Have you ever known anyone who is a soft talker? Someone who speaks so quietly, you're constantly having to ask them to repeat themselves? It freakin' drives me crazy! First, I feel like a dummy for constantly saying "what". Then I get annoyed that I'm constantly having to say "what". Then I get annoyed because the person talking who is having to repeat everything they say 25 times and doesn't realize that they're speaking below the human audible hearing level!

Even if you were wearing a dang ol' Miracle Ear, you still couldn't hear them!!! Don't you think they get sick of having to repeat themselves all the time? I know one person that I avoid now because it's so hard to talk to them. I just got plain old sick and tired of either missing every other word, or for having to ask them to repeat themselves and I got tired of being really, really annoyed.

I've known another soft speaker and for over a year now and she's tried to communicate with me and either she ends up getting up to come stand by me or vice versa. Why can't she see the trend of getting up to speak or having to repeat herself????? Maybe I need to use one of these the next time she speaks to me:

I could ask her to speak directly into my ear trumpet (not that it would do any good because I'd still probably have to ask her to speak more loudly) so that I could hear her. She'd probably whisper. Speak up my peeps!

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  1. my daughter is a soft talker. it's like her voice won't go loud most of the time. my husband is partially deaf. it's an awful combination leading to much annoyance and repeating.