Sunday, September 30, 2012

The wet, wandering, wacky day

Photo courtesy of LDS Liberty
 My kidlet and I had a day planned that was going to involve, art, music and fun but it didn't turn out quite the way we had planned it. I awoke at 6 am to find it raining outside and the rain was scheduled to stay around all day long. The event we had planned on going to was an outdoor event! We watched the weather channel to see if things would clear up but it didn't look promising. We putzed around the house for most of the day but eventually started going stir crazy so we decided to attempt the festival even if it was raining. We made a quick stop by the store to purchase an umbrella and headed out.

As I had silently predicted, we got to the event and there was no activity in sight. There might have been 10 cars in the parking lot. Once we admitted defeat, we decided to stop at a convenience store to buy treats to soothe our disappointment. Nothing heals disappointment like potato chips and chocolate!

Mildly soothed, we returned home and proceeded to have leaf races in the water that was flowing down the alleyway. What's a leaf race you ask? Well, you need a running stream of water and a leaf or two or three and a designated end point. Count down to start, drop your leaf and watch to see which one makes it to the end point first. It's simple but fun. Plus, you get to play in the rain and use your umbrella.

After that was over I called a friend and invited her over to watch a movie and hang out. As she arrived, kidlet came rushing in to the room and announced that the festival was going on and that we had gone to the wrong location. There was still a music act in the lineup so like fools, we all jumped into the car and rushed over to the venue. It was still raining so we got a front row parking space and we sprinted to join the 30 other people that were there, all crammed under a tent. The musician that was playing is a well respected artist and it had to have been a drag playing in the rain for about 30 people so I was determined to cheer loudly so he'd know that there was at least one true fan listening. I must admit that we didn't last long at the wet concert. We hightailed it outta there and went back home.

Once we arrived back at the house I decided that we needed some kind of entertainment since the festival had been such a disaster. I am the owner of a bitchin' set of South Park Uno cards so 5 of us played a couple of rounds of Uno. Somewhat entertaining, but we needed something a little crazier. I came up with the great idea of playing spoons. If you've ever played spoons, you know that it can get pretty rowdy and that's just what we needed. And we got rowdy - let me tell ya. Cards slapping on the table top, spoons clanging, screaming...we had it all.

I can't say that our wet day was great - it was varied and interesting, frustrating, peaceful, rambling and odd so I guess it wasn't a failure. It was just wet, wandering and kind of wacky.

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