Monday, September 24, 2012

A bar, beers, blues an elevator and ghosts

This past weekend Manchild, kidlet #2 and I went to hear one of our favorite musicians play. The band was playing in the basement bar of The Rogers Hotel in Waxahachie, and while we were there, I decided to look around the property. It was an elegant old hotel that had been renovated and while it was pleasing to look at, something made me I went to the restroom and as I was walking back to the bar, something gave me the feeling like I really needed to get back to where there were lots of people.

While we were listening to the music, I kept noticing cold puffs of air blowing on my head. It happened 3 times. A little later I felt a cold puff of air on my arm - it made my sleeve flutter. Then I felt it on my back. By that time, I was beginning to wonder if the hotel was haunted. I needed to go to the restroom again and as I was headed that way, I noticed an elevator so I decided to take a ride in it and see where it went. As soon as the doors opened I got an overwhelming feeling of fear and dread. There was no way I was going to get into that elevator! I immediately went back to my family because I was a bit freaked out.

As I was telling them about the elevator and the puffs of air I felt, I saw someone skip by the doorway in the lobby where the restrooms and elevator were. At first I thought I had seen a dog running through the lobby then I realized that it was someone who was 2 legged not 4. I asked my kidlet if she saw a dog run through the lobby and she said she thought she saw a kid running quickly by. We got up to investigate and found no one in the lobby. We searched the stairs and even looked in the elevator but there was no one there.

We later found out from some of the locals that the hotel was reported to be haunted. Glimpses of a young girl had been seen by visitors and employees of the hotel. So maybe that's who we saw. Who knows? All I do know is that the hair stood up on my arms and I definitely felt something and I definitely saw a glimpse of something. And as scared as I was, I want to go back and visit the old hotel again and see if I experience something else.

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