Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Haunted weekend part deaux

As I stated in my earlier post, I witnessed what I think was a ghost. I was in a cool old hotel that apparently has a haunted past. Since my senses were humming I was on hyper alert mode and was scrutinizing everything around me. At one point in the evening I stepped outside for a smoke and was looking around at all of the cool old buildings in the town square. Movement from a second floor window across the street caught my eye. What had I just seen?

I stood stock still with my gaze focused on the window and I saw what appeared to be a button down shirt swinging wildly side to side but I didn't see any person! And before I could fully comprehend what I had just seen, it disappeared. I admit, I was pretty freaked out. I was thinking that my sixth sense was calling forth all kinds of spirits.

I stood there watching the windows and I began to notice vague white shapes moving around. Sometimes, the shape would rise up into the air then simply disappear. Other times, the shape would appear to be peeking around the window frame. The shapes never stayed in plain sight so I could seriously study them.

My kidlet joined me on the sidewalk and I pointed out the vague shapes to her to see if she could see them. She saw what I was seeing so it wasn't my imagination! We watched the shapes for about 5 minutes in total disbelief. And then...kidlet said that she thought she saw a person. Sure enough, there were people in the room. They were the ones making the shapes move.

I was so relieved to know that I was not watching ghosts materialize and disappear I shouted out "you f**Kers! You got me good! Bravo!!!" We had a good laugh over their prank and thought that they were brilliant for coming up with such a good spoof. I was also sorry I hadn't come up with such a good trick myself.

While I was wary to return to the bar in the hotel basement because I KNOW I saw a spirit, I was also less on edge and I could handle things better. I told some fellow patrons about the prank across the street and about the child I saw running through the lobby and they proceeded to tell me about haunted hotel rooms on the 4th floor. We decided to take a look for ourselves. That meant getting on the elevator that had creeped me out earlier. Since there were 3 of us going upstairs, I decided to be brave and get on the elevator.

We went up to the 4th floor and headed for the rooms that had a history of strange noises and occurances and let me tell ya...the closer to the rooms I got, the stranger I felt. My stomach felt queasy and it felt like the air was being squeezed out of my chest. I know I have a vivid imagination but I don't know how I could imagine the physical things I was feeling. We rattled the doorknobs and listened for anything strange but the place was quiet.

It didn't take long for us to decide to get the hell out of that area and head back to the bar. None of us felt good being in that area, apparently. We laughed the whole thing off as hokey but I know we all felt sort of strange. We were kindred spirits in oddness. Like I said before, I want to go back to that hotel and study it some more. I don't think I'll be able to get kidlet to join us - she was too creeped out, but I'll find someone who believes in spirits and things and get them to go with me. I'll keep you posted.

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