Thursday, September 20, 2012

Schwayze ate my Prozac!

This morning I was getting ready for work - just going through my usual routine. Hair gel, check. Hair spray, check. Brush teeth, check. Sally's Super Slimy Body Soothing Lotion, check. Jungle Gardenia and Garlic X-tra Strong perfume, check. Brilliant "Ho" Blue eyeshadow, check. Ultra thick brow and eye liner, check. 15 swipes of Cheap Pink blusher, check. Vitamins for Wimps daily vitamin, check. 3 different arthritis medications, check. Prozac, check.

I had my pretty pile of pills in one area of the counter and had planned to take them with a swig of coffee. I realized that my coffee cup was empty so I dashed to the kitchen for a quick fill up. When I returned to my bathroom I was horrified to find my kitty, Schwayze EATING my Prozac tablet!!!

 His mouth was going crazy like cats mouths do when they're eating something strange. I could see the tablet in his mouth and tried to grab it but I was too late. All I could attempt to grab was the little plastic thingy that holds the medicine.

Of course, he innocently looked at me like "what?" "I didn't do anything! Honest!" "I'm just an innocent, cute little kitty that you love oh so dearly. I'd never do something wrong." 
I figured that he'd start freaking out - or not, once those meds got into his system. I actually considered introducing him to our new pup since he'd be all chill and not have a care in the world. I could avoid the deep lacerations and bites that might have happened had I introduced him to the dog while he was sober.

I called kidlet #1 and asked her to keep an eye on him and I also did research to see if the medicine would harm him. Yep, I posted the question on Facebook 'Does anyone know if 10mg of Prozac will harm a medium sized cat?' I'll compile the data as the day wears on.

In the meantime, I hope Schwayze takes a nice trip without ever leaving the farm.


  1. that's crazy! why would a kitty eat something that didn't even taste good? then again, why does mine like to eat plastic bags?
    i hope he has a nice, relaxing day.

  2. lol Shwayze is so funny..
    note: Hi Mom lol