Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Rob's ride with mosquito spray

I have a friend whose main mode of transportation is by motorcycle. Summer, winter - it doesn't matter to him. 'Admirable', I say! I bumped into him the other night at a local biker bar (surprise surprise) and the talk turned to opinions about the local aerial mosquito spraying we're having around here in the mess-troplex. You see, there have been an alarming number of cases of west nile virus which is really scary so some parts of town opted to have aerial spraying in an attempt to kill the millions of 'skeeters around here.  My friend was all for it and claimed that it didn't hurt humans at all. He knew, because he was driving his motorcycle home one night and was startled to have a very low flying mosquito spraying airplane buzz right over him.

He got a face full of mosquito spray! Now you have to understand...this guy is fairly "individual" or interesting anyways so I am not sure if I'd notice that he had been aerial sprayed full in the face or not! He didn't seem to be any stranger ahem, different.

This is a guy who drives with a dog tucked into his coat and then he takes the dog into a really loud bar. He took that poor little dog into that bar about a dozen times. It's probably scarred for life. Not to mention that the dog got to ride in a coat down a freeway at 75 mph. So anyway, he told me that he got fogged not once but twice while riding his motorcycle. I've noticed that the peeps that live in my house have been coughing and sniffling and I wonder if it's because of the pesticides in the air. We're never normal so I don't know if we've been acting strangely or not. I don't know if my friend is acting strangely either. Because he's always strange. But that's why I like him. All I can say is to look out if you're riding a motorcycle and you see a low flying plane blowing out plumes of "stuff." You might get fogged, too.

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