Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I have been watching old movies lately and I noticed that everyone in the old movies portray life as happy go lucky and everyone is sparkly and happy. All the time. Even if the character is bone tired, they're still peppy. To that I say "NOT!"

Down here in Texas it's HOT. I mean, instant sweat, drooping hair, saggy britches, melt-yo-flip flops hot. And it's not even July yet. That kind of heat will get to you. You start out uncomfortable then you get sweaty then you get irritable then things just seem to go to hell in a handbasket. It's hard to be super friendly and peppy and optomistic when it's so dang hot. That's why I tuned into Turner Classic Movies so I could watch people be unnaturally sparkly and happy. I'm hoping some of it will wear off on me.

My job is satisfying for the most part but it seems like I've been hurrying up so I can wait on other people to do what they need to do before I can do what I need to do. That puts me behind when I finally get to do what I need to do except I'm not allowed extra time. I'm supposed to do what I need to do in the bare minimum amount of time possible. It drives me insane because I want to do a good job and I don't feel like I can when I'm blasting through a project at a hundred miles an hour. I'm scared I'll make a major mistake along the way but since I've been forced to rush like a maniac, I'll never notice. Then I'll look like a moron. My demeanor might be pleasant on the outside but my inner throughts are cursing like a sailor and I secretly want to punch in the faces of a few key people.

I'm going to think about balloons and polka dots today because who can stay upset when there's balloons and polka dots around? Not me! And I'll also think about polar bears and bobsleds because both of those are cool. And since it's hot, I want to try and stay cool.

So there you have it folks, balloons, polka dots, polar bears and bobsleds. I think those are nice thoughts for the day don't you? (Hey, it's better than griping)

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