Thursday, June 21, 2012

I'm not a dang assembler!

Manchild bought me an edger! Yea! My lawn has spilled over the sidewalk for 4 years. I've tried cutting the wayward grass with my weed eater but it kicks up so much debris, I hate to do it. My man brought his fancy gas powered weed eater to the house one weekend and tried trimming for me, but things were so overgrown, all of the trimming string got chewed up. So he got mad and threw the trimmer on the ground - but that's another story.

The new edger has been sitting in the box for 4 long days because Manchild told me not to assemble it - that he'd take care of it but I've got to tell ya, I just couldn't wait any longer! I pulled everything out of the box and started assembling it myself. Of course I did NOT read the directions. Directions are for namby pambys. I put everything together and gave that pretty new edger a try. The dang thing nearly jumped out of my hands and took off on it's own! I admit, the grass was thick but I sure didn't think I'd have to fight it to stay in line! I decided to glance at the directions to make sure I wasn't missing anything important and guess what? I missed something. I made the correct adjustments and began attempt #2.  Man oh man, that little edger cut a nice clean line. The only problem was that it was about 3" from the concrete. I had successfully trenched a small portion of my yard.

I eventually sort of  (not really) got the hang of things but I was pretty sure that I still needed to make some adjustments because my edging still wasn't looking too pretty. It looked like a blind, drunk person was running the affair. I decided to stop and wait for Mr. Man to get home and take a look. When he got home the first thing he did was comment on how I had assembled the edger without him. I felt pretty smug in the fact that I didn't need a dang ol' man to assemble it for me. Really smug; until he told me that it looked like I had put the handle on it upside down. In retrospect, there was no rhyme or reason as to why I'd put the handle on the underside of the edger. I'd have to stand on my head to edge in order to use the handle the way I had put it on. All I could do is laugh and admit that maybe I should have waited for him. Maybe then, the edger wouldn't have to be reassembled. And maybe I wouldn't have a 3 foot long trench in my yard (that still needed edging).  Hey, at least I practiced along the rear driveway! I was smart enough to know not to practice in the front yard where everyone could see me screw up!

Maybe by this weekend, my man will have had time to put the edger together the correct way. And maybe he'll decide to take pity on me and just go ahead and edge the whole yard. If I do it, I might just end up with trenches in the yard. And then I can install a sprinkler system all by myself! Um, no.

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