Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mommy, can we go clubbing?

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I've mentioned before that Mr. Man and I love to go out and hear live music. Blues to be exact. We turned kidlet #2 onto the blues and have taken her to many places to learn the finer points of true blues playing since she's got a guitar and wants to be a star when she gets good enough (if she'll ever practice!). We've taken her to outdoor concerts, restaurants with attached bars and outright bars. She's always super chill and takes it all in. She doesn't really care much about what's going on around her (thank gosh) - she's glued to the musicians. I must admit, I think it's pretty cool that we can go into a venue and many of the musicians know who she is and always stop by to say hello.

It's getting to the point where a weekend doesn't go by where my kidlet doesn't beg me to take her out to hear music. She's usually online scouring clubs and restaurants to find the place to be by Wednesday and she hounds me relentlessly until Friday rolls around. Usually I can make it in the back door after work and put my keys down before she starts in on me to take her out. She's becoming a barfly.

The weekends when we can't find a good band or place to go she pouts and acts like it's the end of the world. While other preteen girls are cruising the mall or going to movies or mooning over preteen boys my kid is looking for clubs we can get her into. She has a crush on a 27 year old man, not a 13 year old boy for Pete's sake!

Recently I took my blues hound out to jam and the joint was jumping. The music was great and people were dancing. It was so great that I just had to get up and dance. A female friend of mine was dancing with a few other girls in a cluster like girls often do so it wasn't any big deal for me to join them. I tried to get my girlie to dance with us and she promptly refused but when some of the other girls prompted her she actually got up! She DANCED with us! I was surprised and really happy that she did. At first she was stiff as a board but before long she loosened up a little. We made such a fuss over her, I think she was proud of herself for stepping out of her comfort zone. I don't know of too many 12 year old girls who can boast that they went to a popular club and danced. But my girl did.

I'm sure that it won't last - her wanting to hang with the 'rents so I'm taking it while I can get it. It's funny but some nights, she gets to stay out later than her 18 year old sister since she's with me. I'm sure some parents will disapprove of me taking her to places aimed more for adults but I'm doing it for the inspiration. I want her to want to pick up her guitar and practice and get good enough to play at some of the places we've visited. I'd be such a proud Mama. Even more proud than I was of her getting up and busting a move with the ladies. And let me tell ya, she might not be a pro yet but for a 12 year old, my girl can bust a move!

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