Monday, July 18, 2011

Siggie Freud was right!

Can you tell which guy is my Mr. Wonderful and which one was my original Mr. Wonderful? No? It's sometimes hard for me, too.
I think it was Sigmund Freud who pointed out that girls marry their daddies and guys marry their mamas.

I never gave it much thought until Manchild and I started dating. Suddenly, I'd look into his eyes and see my dad's eyes! And they had the same bald head! They were the same height! They had the same hands and feet! What the heck is up with that???

Here are more scary facts: they are both neat and clean. They are both very particular about their belongings - they take good care of them. Manchild doesn't have colored outlines around all of his tools hanging on the pegboard, but he does have some cushiony material in the toolbox to keep them from banging around. They both know how to fix stuff. They are both particular about how their yard is mowed. They both love and spoil their pets. They both like me.

Go figure...who knows. Ok, I married my dad.
No, that just sounds too strange. Wonder what Sigmund would say?

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