Sunday, July 24, 2011

Did you take a bath?

Why do adolescents dread taking a bath so much? I have to nag my kidlet to death to get her to get in the shower. My little brother used to go to the trouble of running the water and hiding out in the bathroom for a 1/2 hour and he'd never get clean! Why go to all of that trouble and never get in? Silly boy.

My Mom told me a story about one of my brothers and Mr. Wonderful back when they were teens. Apparently they showed up at the house smelling particularly stinky so Mom told them to take a shower. Those two knuckleheads ran the water and steamed up the bathroom, and they wet their hair a little bit and told Mom that they were clean. Of course, she could smell them a block away so she made them turn right back around and go "take another shower."  It sounds like a lot of trouble to me.

We had another friend who wasn't fond of bathing and Mom had to make him shower, too. He's the one who didn't have such a good home life. Poor guy. He kept a clean change of clothes at our house so after he showered, he'd have something clean to put on. Mom didn't have to check him after he "showered" to see if he really did clean himself. Maybe he didn't have hot water at his house and ours did, so it felt really good to him. He always emerged the bathroom squeaky clean.

There's nothing I like more than getting clean after working outside. I envision the yuck draining away. Sometimes, I don' even have to do manual labor to enjoy a good scrubbing. When I was pregnant, I took multiple baths a day. I was always worried that I smelled bad for some reason. (That was TMI, wasn't it?) Now, I just do it because it feels so good. And I have some really yummy smelling soap which makes the whole experience even better.

All this talk of yummy soap, hot water and baths makes me want to go home right now and take one. I won't fake it. No way. Thank gosh I'm not a goofy boy.

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