Monday, July 25, 2011

I wish I could make pretty cakes

My daughter's birthday is rapidly approaching and I want her to have a special cake. See, she's really into guitars and after watching shows like the Ace of Cakes, and Cake Boss I know that cool cakes can be obtained. I bet those guys could make me a awesome guitar cake.

In an effort to save some money (after finding out that I'd have to pay at least $150.00 for a professional) I thought I might just be my own cake boss. Maybe I could make a guitar cake! But then I started remembering some of the cakes I've made in the past. I'm not too good at the decoration part. Mine tend to come out looking like these:

I can't take credit for these. They came from the website - Aren't they pretty? I can assure you, MY cakes don't look like these. They are worse. I wouldn't dare try to stack two cakes on top of one another. It would probably come out looking like the leaning tower of Pisa.  I have good intentions of applying the frosting perfectly but in reality, it looks like a blind Chihuahua did it.

I watched a video on how to make a guitar cake and it doesn't look too hard. I just need a template in the shape of a guitar so I can lay it on the cooked cake and cut out the shape. And I need a serrated edge knife so I can make the cuts cleanly. And I will need some fondant. Guess I'll have to make that, too. Then it's simply a matter of keeping a steady hand and being patient.

Now because I'm practical and am not in the least little bit impulsive (OK, I choked a little bit while trying to get that out with a straight face), I need to go over my list of needs to make sure I can do this. Here goes:

Obtain guitar shaped template: Ummmmm, I bet Google has that
Serrated edge knife for clean cuts: Yeah, I think I have that
Fondant: Never seen the stuff live and in person, but there's a first for everything
Make fondant: Not quite sure what some of the ingredients are, but I can substitute
Steady hand: That's a tricky one...I shake like a Quaker
Patience: Aw heck, forget it! It's taking too dang long just to make this stinkin' list! I'll just go by Albertsons and get a Sarah Lee and tape a Polaroid of a guitar to it!

My intentions are so, so good, and I really want to make a cool cake for my Lil' Rocker Chick but I don't want to embarrass her for the rest of her life. Maybe I'll do a trial run and make one first, before the big day. That way, I'll save people the discomfort of having to come up with an excuse as to why they won't eat any of my baby's cake on her big day.

Bon appetit!!!

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