Friday, July 15, 2011

Music is so...painful?

Music is so awesome. When I grow up I want to be a rock star. I really, really want to get up on stage and wow the crowd. I've got the passion. I've got the drive. I've got the looks. Check out the awesome shoes I found. See? I'm even thrifty (see the BOGO sign?). There's just one little problem........I'm not talented. I can't play an instrument well, I don't have a great singing voice and I don't have a band. So I guess I'll let that dream ride for a while. After all, I'm not a grown up yet, so I still have time.

I love going out to hear live music and have made lots of great, talented friends who I can live vicariously through.
While I was out jamming one night, I noticed something about the musicians. They all have their own special music faces. When they're hitting the perfect note, or are singing the hardest hitting lyric, their face transforms into something...different. Here are some of my friends and their music faces.



Please allow me to thank the following:
Brandon Katona, Austin Young, Alex Dowidchuk, Kerrie Lepai, Sparky Montoya,
Tommy Katona, Lance Lopez, Texas Slim and Travis Montoya. While I may have given a "wink wink, nudge nudge" at your playing faces I still think each of you are remarkably talented artists and I have the highest regard for you. I can't wait until I get to hear you play again. I love you all!

Peace, Love, Blues and Music Faces!!!!!

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