Monday, June 3, 2013

Band-Aids and Boobies

Band-Aids have so many wonderful uses. They’re not just for covering a scrape or cut. They can help ease the discomfort of a rubbing pair of shoes, and they can also make loose shoes fit a little better by filling in the gaps. Forgot your bra? Use Band-Aids to tame your twins. In a super tight pinch, you can use them as adhesive in place of a hem in your clothing. Kids love Band-Aids. They wear them on imaginary boo-boos or simply for fun.
One morning I chose my clothes to wear to work and thought I looked pretty OK but when I arrived at the office (which is kept at a brisk 72 degrees) I noticed that my lightly padded bra was NOT doing the trick at keeping my girls under cover so to speak. My friends don’t call me Radar for nothing! I’ve got the most sensitive girls on the planet and even if it’s 1,000 degrees outside, if there’s a slight breeze the twins will perk right up and tell everyone that there was a drop in temperature. I guess I could wear one of these beauties but I think they’d chafe. Or rust.

Since I work at a conservative company I didn’t think it was a good idea to move throughout the office with my high beams on all day so I had to find a solution speedy quick. I turned to the medicine cabinet and found some heavy duty cloth, super strength and mega adhesive Band-Aids. With a smash and a slap, presto-change-o I was smooth sailing. I didn’t have to move about with my arms crossed over my chest looking pensive any more. I didn’t have to worry about looking like Rocket Girl. I could simply be me as long as the adhesive held.

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