Monday, June 24, 2013

KatRat the Rat Slayer

My beautiful baby girl is such a sweetie. She's teeny and petite and small and damn, she's a bad ass!

I'm sure you've heard the saying "small but mighty", well that's my girl. She doesn't take much crap off of anyone and she'll get right up in a person's grill if she thinks she's not being taken seriously or heard.

I mentioned in my last post that there's a man eating, flesh ripping, bloodthirsty rat living in my back yard and yesterday my little Miss Dy-no-mite saw it. She went totally spider monkey over it. She started screaming about needing a gun mucho-pronto. I'm sure the neighbors heard her yelling for ammo.

She wanted a gun and she wanted it fast! She didn't care what kind. She probably would have used the one she's holding in the picture above if it didn't have such a large "boom" and we wouldn't get arrested for shooting a firearm in the city. An assault rifle no less.

I pulled out my trusty Daisy BB gun and gave it to her but her hands were shaking so much with the anticipation of the kill, someone else had to get it ready to shoot! I could almost hear her muttering "Go ahead...make my day." She wanted to blow that rat off the face of the earth!!! Once the gun was ready, she took aim and let 'er rip. One shot...dead rat. But my girl wasn't satisfied. She shot it again.

I was a little bit scared because if you could have seen the glint in her eyes and the look on her face you would agree that she was just a bit too excited. She was in a state of muerto loco. My sweet little girly girl did something I couldn't bring myself to do. Even though rats are disgusting and carry disease and all that jazz, I couldn't bring myself to shoot one. But my little bad ass kidlet did! That's going to be her name for a few days. Miss Muerto Loco. I couldn't be prouder.

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  1. Yay- a girl who can take things! If she hires out she can come shoot rattlesnakes at our place!!