Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Little Talk About Our Organs

There's a type of organ called a Hammond b3 which is an awesome instrument. It has a special speaker inside of it that rotates to make an awesome warbling sound.

The musician can alter the speed of the speaker to make the sounds change.

(I'm not sure why the picture keeps showing up sideways. I can't seem to make it stay upright. Sorry 'bout that)
Sometimes that thing really gets to spinning and man, does it sound good.

What does a Hammond b3 have to do with my organs you ask? Well, when I wake up in the morning my most defective organ - my brain pulls what I like to call "a Hammond." I want to sleep, I really do but my thoughts start running so quickly I can't! My brain goes into overdrive. It "Hammonds" me so much I have to get up. I can almost feel my brain spinning in my skull.

Here's a sampling of some of the thoughts I've had within a 15 minute period the other day:
Create a super cool awesome rock sculpture
Reconfigure my backyard pond to maximize the waterfall effect
Haul in dirt to achieve said pond re-do
Create something totally awesome with my bee wood
Fix the band saw so I can create said bee wood project
Retrieve welder so I can create a super cool sculpture
Use items in garage to create clarinet lamp
Get camera and take pictures of flowers
Mow the yard and trim the hedges
Fix the refrigerator
Scrub the bathtub
Take my girls to lunch
Have them help me create some kind of fantastical artwork
And that's not all. Those are just some of the things I can remember!

Now, the sad part is that while I wake up with tons of great ideas by the time I drag my sorry ass into action, I've blown off 3/4 of them.

I've got body-to-brain lag time of ohhhhhh........about 45 minutes. I might fly out of the bed and rush to the kitchen to start a pot of coffee but then things slow down. I might turn on the telly to watch the news while I sip my coffee and usually I find myself sliding down onto the cushions until I'm lying down again. Then I have to watch some gardening shows to spark my yard creativity. Most times the cat will join me on the sofa which leads to a 1/2 hour of playing and before I know it, the morning is fading to noon.

This creative thought process and gradual deflation occurs on most days. Sometimes I write down my ideas so I can revisit them some day when I'm actually up and looking for something to do. Other times they just fade away into the empty nooks and crannies in my brain. But boy, do I have some great ideas! Maybe one of these days I'll get around to carrying them out.

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