Friday, May 31, 2013

The Haunted House - for real!!!!

I have a relative that lives in a haunted house. I know this for real because I've experienced things there. There's even been a news crew there that's had things happen to them so it's got to be legit, right?

I took the kidlets on a trip and we made a stop at this house and pretty much right away something happened. Big kidlet wanted to take a shower so she turned on the water and climbed in to wash away the days grime. As she was showering, the shower curtain started moving inwards toward her. She pushed it out and a few minutes later it moved in towards her again. She checked to see if there was a window open that might have caused a breeze and there wasn't. She checked to see if there was an air vent that could be blowing it but the A/C was off. The bathroom door was closed so there wasn't any chance of any rogue breezes stirring things up. She finally told "whatever" that they at least needed to let her finish her shower before "they" started messing with her and the curtain movement stopped. After she finished and was drying off, she said she felt a presence get right up in her face and she heard someone say "HEY" as clear as day.

We spent most of the visit without incident until it was time to leave then I had my own experience. A short time before leaving I had scolded the spirits and told them to leave my youngest kidlet alone because she was scared and I wouldn't tolerate any pranking or spooking or anything of that nature towards her. She was left alone but I was apparently the next victim. I was gathering all of the sheets and blankets that we had used and was on my way towards the laundry basket when I noticed a yellow pillow case in my peripheral vision go from the back of my right shoulder onto the floor in front of me. the odd thing about it was that none of us had yellow pillowcases. They were all tan with the exception on one blue one. So where did a yellow pillowcase come from? There was no one around me - everyone was outside. And I know for a fact that the pillowcase came from behind me.

I also noticed that some blankets that I had folded up nicely were in disarray when I went to put them away. It was as if someone had rumpled them up. No one had been to the room where I had them folded and waiting so I figure some little imp spirit messed them up just to jack with me.

My relative has some people renting rooms in the house and I asked one of them if they had noticed anything strange. One of them told me that he distinctly heard someone say his name out loud and yet, there was no one home at the time. He later learned that the house was haunted - he didn't know that before then.

There have been many people in the house over the years that have had odd things happen to them. Many have heard muted voices coming from a closet and yet when they investigate there's no one there. I've heard it myself. It sounds like a conversation between a couple of people but no distinct words can be made out. And why would people be in the closet talking anyway? I've been playing cards and watched a poker chip fly off of the table. I know someone who would always go through their nightly routine and place things in certain places only to find them in other locations in the morning. Things get moved around.

You might not be a believer but I sure as heck am. I've seen it and heard it and have people close to me that have witnessed things. It's a little unnerving but I think that it's pretty cool, too. I firmly believe that some folks are more receptive to  spirits and such. It's the whole 6th sense thing. Heck, there wouldn't be so many ghost hunter shows if people didn't sense something. Right? Maybe I'll start my own spirit show. On second thought, maybe not. I'd be too spooky for that. I'd like it but I'd also get scared and would probably strangle my co-host's arm right off their body because I was clinging to them so much. In retrospect, I can get spooked just watching the ghost hunter shows on TV when I'm at home alone at night. Soooo, never mind. I'm glad we spent the night in the haunted house and I'm glad that nothing too scary happened and I'm glad that I don't have to live there all of the time. My nerves couldn't take it.

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