Thursday, May 30, 2013

Quartered sandwiches, please

A friend and I were talking about food today and we discussed the ways we like certain foods to be served. For example, I like my sandwiches cut into 1/4ths because the points make it easier to bite off pieces.

I also like pancakes that are in shapes or that have smiley faces on them. They taste better that way.

And if I eat waffles, they have to have peanut butter on them. And bananas if they're available. Eating them with plain syrup just isn't acceptable.
Bagels are another item that I can only eat if they're prepared just so. They lave to have cream cheese on them.

Only, my bagel can't have a pretty flower inspired smear of cream cheese on it. It has to have about a block and 1/2 of cream cheese. I want to bite into that sucker and sink my teeth so deep into the delectable spread, my gums are white!

I want a mountain of cream cheese!!! I tried to illustrate how much of the stuff I like but one side of the bagel came out looking like it's got tapioca or something piled up on it and the other looks more like ice cream than cream cheese but hopefully you can get the idea.

I'm not sure where my preferences about food come from. Maybe my Mom. I mean, Moms are the ones who introduce their kids to different foods and I know for a fact that my Mom was particular about having her sandwiches quartered. She likes the pointys, too. Now that I think about it, she was very very particular about her meals and how they were presented so some of it must have rubbed off on me. But I've never seen her eat a bagel much less one with a 2" thick slab of cream cheese on it. That one is all my own.

The more I ask people about how their like certain foods to be served the more I find out that I'm not alone. We've all got little idiosyncrasies. If we all shared them with one another, we might be able to have fun times at every meal. Or, we might all be kind of psychotic. Or both. I'm both. Definately. Do you have any?

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