Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Writers Block

I've had a bad case of writers block lately. I could write about some of the wonderful things I've done with my girls, and I could laugh at my horrid housekeeping skills but nothing seems to gel for me. Whenever I'm struck with a good story idea I always write it down so I can revisit all of my notes and write a bitchin' story. I've got lots of notes bus I'm not motivated to write about them! What's wrong with me? I luuuurrrve to write!

I've always been challenged by my mad (NOT) drawing skillz. I can't draw worth a shit to put it bluntly. Sometimes I'm inspired to draw and I get all frustrated and crazy because what I want to draw and what ends up on paper are two different things entirely. I want to be a realist or at least draw really well like some of the people do in the blogs that I follow (like Gweenbrick (www.gweenbrick.com) or the awesome artist at Creative Devolution (www.creativedevolution.com). Those folks can DRAW, yo! Me? Um, NOT.  Sometimes, I like really bad drawings but that's because they're not mine and I can appreciate them for what they are.

I decided to revisit some of my past stories and I found out that I write a lot about pain and my love of beer but those things get old. I don't live an overly exciting life. I'm just a normal girl living a normal life. Sure, funny things happen but I often wonder if they're worthy of a story. So I ask you, all 5 of my dear readers, should I keep it up? Should I keep publishing silly drivel and horrid drawings out into the etherinterwebs? I'd really appreciate some honest responses. Let me know. PLEEEEEEEAAAASSSSSSEEEEEE?????

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