Tuesday, February 5, 2013

We don't have little wimpy camp fires!

We don't have little camp fires at the little house in the woods. We have BIG camp fires! The bigger the better. We have the kind of fires that leave the fire pit smoldering the next day. I've provided a picture of the kindling we use to get things started so you can get a feel of how we like to do things.

Look at that pretty kindling. Can you imagine how beautiful the fire will be?

Look at that bad boy burn. All it took was one of my handy dandy fire starters and things were roaring in no time. By the way...if you like having fires I have a GREAT little thing I make that's free and super easy to do. Simply take an empty egg carton, save your dryer lint and stuff it into the egg cups fairly densely, melt all of your old candles and drizzle the wax over the lint until it's fairly soaked through and through, and voila! Cut up the little egg cups and and you'll have 12 great fire bombs to use the next time you want a roaring fire in no time at all. I used 2 fire bombs to get this bad boy burning.

Once the initial sticks were going, we put about 8 logs on it and had a fire that burned for about 12 hours. And I'm not talking about some namby pamby fire either. No, I like the flames big and bold and that's how it was.

I love the cabin in the woods because I can have a fire whenever I want to and I have all the wood I'll ever need. Heck, all I have to do is drive the 4 wheeler down the road and load up as much stuff as I can lift. It's great. It's fire nirvana. It's fun. Because my name is Elizabeth and I'm a firebug.

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