Thursday, February 14, 2013

The voices in my head are loud today

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Today is Valentines day. I'm supposed to be filled with lovey dovey thoughts but instead, my brain is shouting out obscenities at everyone in close proximity. I had the unfortunate "pleasure"  of being invited to a 2 hour meeting. By invited, I mean I had to attend. The first 30 minutes of the meeting held my attention but then my ADD/ADHD/OCD/COD/MAD/PCP tendencies kicked in and things happening around me started to tick me off.

First off, there was the girl who thinks the entire population of the world is alive to serve her. She asked me to do something for her (for the one hundred millionth time) and I promptly developed severe hearing loss. Yep, I looked at her and completely ignored her request. Then, there was the dude behind me who breathed through his mouth instead of his nose for the entire two hours! Nostrils are on the face for a REASON!!! Use them, dude! But no, I got to listen to him breathe like a Neanderthal, practically down the back of my neck. He also texted the entire time so I got to listen to a constant stream of tippy tapping. Another person had bad breath that wafted through the room.

People, do you know how many things can bother you when you're stuck in a room of 60 people for two hours? Lots! I was a ticket stamped, daylong rider on the crazy train, yo! I won't tell you all of the things that caused horribly curse inducing thoughts to rampage my brain during the meeting (fuzzy power point images, uneven window treatments, a flickering fluorescent light bulb, uncomfortable chairs) because the list would be too long. Suffice it to say that as soon as the meeting broke, I was out of my chair and hauling ass to the elevators to get away. By the way...I had to ride the elevator down with the mouth breather. Greeeaaaaaattttttttt.

It's kind of scary because I've been having a running dialogue in my head of all the stuff I want to say to people that have annoyed me. And let me tell ya, it's noisy in there! I don't have any reason to be so annoyed. My Manchild presented me with a beautiful bunch of roses and a sweet, mushy card. Beautiful flowers are on display all around the office and the scent is wonderful. Everyone looks very festive wearing red. The sun is shining and it's a beautiful day. I simply have hate words towards people that annoy me overriding my pleasant thoughts. I'm sure it will pass but I wish to hell it would hurry up and move on outta here. It could if that asshole in front of me, yakking on their cell phone who has NO consideration for others around them would pull their head out of their ass and move out of the way!

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