Wednesday, October 12, 2011

She's growing up too fast!

My baby girl just turned 18. It feels like yesterday that she was tiny like this. 
She was born in early October and it was still warm outside. I was paranoid because I heard that tiny babies don't have much body fat so it was important to keep them warm. Boy howdy did I keep her warm! I dressed her in long sleeved baby gowns and constantly kept a blanket over her. On her 10th day of life on the outside, I took her for a stroller ride to a nearby grocery store. I had her so wrapped up, I imagine she was close to heat stroke. She had a couple of blankets over her and I had the cover of the stroller pulled up so she was sort of hermetically sealed in a worrywart's baby cocoon.

She had a scratchy little voice and made mewling sounds all of the time so I knew that naming her Katherine was the right choice because I could call her Kat. She sounded like one and she was named Kat. As a toddler, she had really curly hair that was so dang cute. I loved to watch her run around and watch those curls bounce. I continued to dress her very warmly so she wouldn't get chilled and get sick. The sweat on her brow didn't do much to clue me in.

I finally got the hang of being a mom and learned to trust my instincts. I quit burying her in clothes and blankets and she was just fine. I've been with her through illness, heartbreak, and joy and am so proud of her. I wish I could pick her up and hold her in my lap like I could do when she was little. I guess I'm lucky because she still gives me lots of hugs and even calls me "Mommy" instead of plain old Mom.  I just can't believe that 18 years went by so quickly. I would like for time to slow down, please. I need more days with my girl. Before I know it, she'll probably be married with kids of her own. And I'll still want to pick her up and hold her in my lap.

I'll want to pick her up and hold her in my lap for the rest of my life because she's my baby girl. And she's already 18 years old now. Time flies.........

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