Wednesday, August 31, 2011

No Cake Wreck Here!

In an earlier post I mentioned the site called Cake Wrecks. They post pictures of cake decorations gone horribly wrong - sort of like the type of things I bake. I admit that I'm not a baker. Not even close. I can screw up the type of cookies that you pull out of the package and break apart then bake!

My kidlet just had a birthday and I wanted her to have a cool cake. I knew better than to try and make one myself and the store bought ones (ones that cost less than an arm and a leg that is) were just plain boring. I have a wonderful niece who is attending cooking school so I decided to hit her up for some cake decorating SHAZAM! The girl did not disappoint. Not in the least.

Let me back up a little and give a little base story. My kidlet wants to be a blues guitarist. She's had 4 lessons and thinks that she's going to be on stage any day now. You've gotta love that kind of ambition. Anyhoo...she's got a really cool electric guitar that is her prized possession. She'd sleep with the thing if it weren't so rigid! All of our conversations revolve around music, going to hear music, learning music, lyrics to music, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Led Zeppelin and multiple blues artists. She's music obsessed! I figured the best kind of cake for her would be a guitar cake. And since I'm a big dreamer, I figured a life sized cake that was like her guitar would be the perfect thing to have.
That's where my wonder niece comes into the story. Since she's attending a fancy schmanzy cooking school, I asked her if she could try to make the cake for me. She seemed to think it would be just fine so I waited in anticipation to see what she came up with. She made the best darn guitar cake I've ever seen! It was awesome! My kidlet was super happy with the results.

We took my junior rocker out to hear her favorite musician and we brought the cake with us. People ooh'ed and aah'ed over it. Some of them took pictures. The band guys thought it was cool. But best of all, my little rocker thought it was super cool and she felt like a queen for the night. And that's what it was all about to begin with. It's amazing how something as simple as a cake can make you feel so darn great.

Happy birthday kidlet, and thanks a lot to my super chef niece.

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