Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Government Cheese, French Onion Soup, Chocolate Bars and Coke

Back in my youth, I lived in a rockin' apartment with my bestie Marilyn. We were more concerned with drinking beer than eating so our kitchen wasn't very well stocked. We kept a small staple of cheap foods on hand which usually consisted of government cheese (compliments of Marilyn's grandma), onions, soda pop and bullion cubes. The government cheese came in 5 pound blocks so it lasted a fair amount of time. Marilyn was hooked on french onion soup, hence the onions and bullion cubes. We ate french onion soup almost every day for dinner. For about 6 months. When we got tired of that, we made the rounds of happy hours that offered free buffets.

Marilyn had a bit of a sweet tooth and for breakfast she enjoyed having a breakfast of champions. It consisted of 2 pound Hershey's chocolate bars and a Coke. The girl was willow thin and all those chocolate bars didn't seem to alter her waistline any. I was a fan of bacon and fried 'taters. I'd eat taters for breakfast, lunch and dinner (when I wasn't eating french onion soup). My waistline wasn't affected that much either. No so today.

Once in a blue moon I'd get inspired to cook a real meal. I could cook when I wanted to. I just didn't want to very much back then. Or now for that matter. My Mom is a fan-tas-tic cook. Actually, I'd consider her a chef. I don't cook for her very much because it's embarrassing to make a mediocre meal for someone who can make one that's 5 star. For our birthdays, Mom makes me and my siblings our favorite meal. Anything we want. It usually takes me about a week to decide on something because there are so many good choices. My teenage daughter is generally home about 5 minutes a day but when my Mom cooks, she's readily available.

A few months ago I decided to make some french onion soup. The scent of that soup brought back many good memories of my wild girl days. And of Marilyn. I think I should have her over for some one day soon. I can't get my hands on any government cheese but I could make sure I have a 2 pound Hershey bar and a Coke on hand. It would be just like the old days.

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