Wednesday, August 5, 2015

I saved (gag) a worm! (gag)

I saved a worm this morning. I think I might of injured or 1/2 killed it in my attempt to save it but at least I tried. A fairly large rain storm blew through and when I went onto the back patio to view the yard, I noticed that there was a stranded worm. It was a long way from the flowerbed and would have probably dried out before it could make it back to the dirt so I decided to "help" it.

Let me preface this by saying that worms make me vomit. Seriously, if I see a worm up close and too personal, I will instantaneously vomit. They gross me out so horribly, I can't stand to look at them much less handle one. So when I attempted to pick up the stranded worm with a putty knife so I could flick it over to the dirt, the gagging began. 

What made matters worse was that the worm was apparently an acrobatic worm. As soon as I attempted to lift it off the ground, it started wiggling and flopping and flailing all over the place! Cue gagging round # 2. 

I have absolutely no idea whatsoever what made me decide to "help" the one thing that makes me puke. I mean, I could have rescued it only to puke on it and have my stomach juices kill it instantly! I didn't but I did sort of mangle it. Repeated attempts to lift a soft, wiggly worm off of rough, pebbly concrete with a sharp object just never seems to turn out well.

That worm was slightly...segmented by the time I got finished with it. It was still wiggling when it hit the dirt so I'm hoping it's underground in my garden, aerating the soil and making my plants grow better. There might actually be TWO worms now, since I helped it replicate. That's OK, more soil turned. Right?

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