Thursday, August 8, 2013

Kat Shoots Collin's Gun

I've already written about my oldest kidlet - the teeny badass. She might be small but she likes shooting big guns that go "boom." One weekend, her and her main squeeze came to the little house in the woods and one of the items on their agenda was to shoot guns. No worries - we were in the middle of nowhere. We wouldn't bother anyone. So the shooting started.

First off were the pistols. Bang, bang, bang, bang, get the idea. Next up was a big scary looking shotgun. My girl grabbed that thing, cocked it and let 'er rip. Dirt went flying where the pellets struck, the smell of gunpowder filled the air, girl had a victorious look on her face...until the barrel of the gun drooped and fell to the ground. The barrel fell off of the gun!  

We all stood there in stunned silence and then I did what any good mother would do when her kid's boyfriend shows off his cool (broken) toys - I howled with laughter. What else could I do? Imagine the scene; girl cocks the gun - cha ching, girl takes steady aim - silence, girl fires gun - BOOM, barrel falls to the ground with a thud while onlookers stare in stunned silence, Mom starts laughing like a hyena - 
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After 5 minutes of laughing I finally got my wits about me and thought about the fact that I might have embarrassed the young man. Luckily, he's a really good sport and knows about my sick sense of humor so I don't think he was too terribly offended. He even laughed at it. We all were wishing out loud that the shooting incident had been on film because it would have wound up on America's Funniest Videos for sure. Hey, anyone want to come to the little house in the woods and shoot guns?

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