Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I'm a real jet setter

In a few days I'll take my first business trip for the company where I work. I'm so excited I could spit nails and build a house!

First of all, I get to travel by airplane. I love to fly so that's a bonus. (Naw, I don't care that I have to leave the house early to get to the airport early so I can get an early morning body cavity search and scan and all that security jive. It's just part of the process.) Secondly, I get to stay in a hotel. I luuurrrrve staying in hotels! The beds are usually comfy, I can turn the A/C to minus 10 and get away with it, I get fresh towels every day and I feel like a V.I.P.. And I'm not staying at Motel 6 either. No sirree, I'm staying at a fancy resort hotel. That means I don't have to bring my own soap and shampoo - they give it out freely! Thirdly, I get to eat out at restaurants for every meal for 4 days. Oh, and I get a room all to myself. If that isn't nirvana, I don't know what is. Of course, I'll be worked like a Hebrew slave during the day and into the evening but once I'm done, I'm DONE! I can enter my frigid room and watch TV without any distractions. I won't have to worry about making sure my husband and kids and dog and cats are fed, I won't have to keep after my youngest to shower and brush her teeth. I won't have to worry about my oldest until she gets home for the evening. I won't have to listen to the hubby gripe and complain about his day at work. I won't have to scoop poop out of the litter box, or make sure the dog has enough exercise or pick up everyone elses mess. It's just me in my room doing whatever the heck-fire I want to do. Bliss I tell you, pure bliss.

Maybe I'm an oddball but I can't tell you how nice it is to stay in a hotel room. Jumping on the bed is strictly prohibited at home but I think it's a guest requirement when you're on the road. And if you don't want to make the bed you don't have to. It's always magically made up upon your return (thanks housekeeping crew!). Speaking of hotel rooms and beds - I watched a program a while back that showed you just what was on the walls and bedspreads and floor and it was GROSS! I don't want to lie down on someone elses............whatever it is that got on the bedspread. I'm hoping that after that program aired, housekeeping staffs all over the world started laundering their bedspreads regularly. I'm not a germaphobe, but I don't want any dried body fluids on me. Ooh, that just sounded extremely super gross. My detour around this little problem is to simply fold the spread back and sit on the sheets. I know they have to be washed (and disinfected). I think I'm going to get out of that mindset and go back to the joy of sub-freezing rooms and jumping on the beds, not crusty stuff on bedspreads.

My trip isn't taking me very far from home - heck, I'll be in the same state but I don't care. I won't be in my home town. I can put on one of my alternative personalities and be someone else for a few days. The possibilities are endless. I'm sure to the seasoned business traveler it's no big deal but to me it's going to be like a mini vacation. Like I said, I'm so excited I could spit nails and build a house. Or a hotel.

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