Saturday, December 15, 2012

How to shop when you can't shop.

I've been doing a lot of online shopping lately because driving a car is still a bit of a challenge. And you know what I discovered? Shopping online is EASY! It's AWESOME! You don't have to burn 35 gallons of gas in an effort to find candy cigarettes (which are very elusive) that no one sells anymore. And each time a package shows up on the doorstep it's like Christmas! Even it it's not Christmas time.

I've also learned some lessons while shopping online. Like, when something is priced at $3.00 which sounds too good to be true, it IS too good to be true. You'll probably end up spending $8.00 on shipping. I actually ended up paying $8.45 for shipping on a $3.00 item but it was something that's really hard to find so I had to cave on that one.

Buying online supplies you with enough packing peanuts to make a super huge bean bag (or shipping peanut) chair. I have 75,000 packing peanuts around my house which makes the cats really happy. I didn't realize how much fun could be had by playing with a packing peanut. But my cats showed me. Lucille the dog tried to eat some which wasn't so great because they weren't the starchy peanuts, they were the other (non-edible) kind. She didn't like me jamming my fingers deep into her mouth to retrieve it either. She didn't bite me but she gave me a very dirty look. Sorry Lucille.

I can't wait to give everyone the awesome gifts I obtained from online sources. I might just have to make them open everything early because a week is a long time to have to wait. And I'm not very patient. And since I'm still home on medical leave, I'm forced to walk past all of the gifts multiple times a day and try to ignore their cries of "open, open, open" over and over.

Happy holidays yall!

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