Saturday, November 24, 2012

I'm sorry Clyde Essex

I will the first to admit that I am a technology dope. I am a fairly decent google-izer and I can navigate Facebook somewhat but this blog has been a learning tool for me. I've learned how to add links and photos and speaking of photos...I used a photo I found while trolling through Google Images on one of my posts and today I got a note from the creator of the image, telling me that I was using it without giving him any credit and if I didn't fix things I'd go to hell and my toenails would fall off and stuff like that.

Let me tell ya, I almost threw up a little bit when I saw his note. I was scared to death that I was going to go to Internet jail or something! I immediately went back into my past post and wrote a credit to him as well as a link to his Flickr page but I keep thinking that I need to do more. I didn't mean to steal the picture, Mr. Essex! Honest! I was simply writing a story and the picture matched the mood of it and I plugged it in there without a thought that I might be stealing something.

Hell, I figured my 2 readers might like the picture and never in a million years thought that Mr. Essex or anyone else for that matter would stumble across my little puny blog.

I would appreciate it if any of you readers have a minute, go to Mr. Essex's Flickr page and check out and buy some of his photos. They're really great and I hope to take as good pictures as him some day. And Mr. Essex, if you happen to read this, please accept my apologies for not giving you the credit that you deserve. I still wonder how you knew I used that picture! You must be some kind of computer/interweb genius.

Here's the picture I accidentally used without giving credit where credit is due:

 Go check out the shots, they're hauntingly beautiful.

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